War Z 2 info

Make sure you bind your account to a google or Facebook account in the settings -> account screen.  If your phone is reset or lost, you will lose your game account if it is not bound.

All of the "quality" measurements in the game are color-coded.  From lowest to best, the colors are:  Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow.
For Equipment, if Grey is baseline, Blue is x2 better, Blue 3x, Purple 4.5x, Orange 6x, Yellow 8x
Killing the kraken will give you a reward box.  You will need a "mysterious key" for each box to collect the rewards
Tapping on the zombies outside of the city wall on the base screen will give you keys and occasionally gems.
Killing the kraken will also give you alliance points for both yourself, to spend in the alliance store, and the alliance, to supply the alliance store.
Killing the kraken will also give you Helicopter experience points to upgrade your helicopter.
The amounts given for chopper exp and alliance points is determined by the "quality" of the kraken (see color values)

Getting Equipment and doing FPS
Make sure you do the First-Person Shooting to collect equipment.  This is the only way to get or upgrade your equipment.
war advice
shooters only when attacking bases - vehicles WILL die, ground troops die quickly too, but not as bad as vehicles
When attacking/defending resource tiles, use vehicles with the bonus for this; Armed SUV, Panzer, Modified School Bus (pickup truck), Reaper

Build recommendations
As quickly as possible, build your shelter to level 10 and start producing Samurai for defense and Veterans for attack
Then target level 16 to produce Burly for a major boost in defense.
At level 19 you get another major boost to defense with Elite Samurai.
Build up your Hall of War as much as you can to allow others to send you defensive troops when you are attacked.

Base burn time
  • When your base is attacked and you lose the battle, it will start burning. Your defense points will continually drop if you don't put out the fire.  The fire will go out on its own after 30 minutes of burning for each time you are attacked.  Each 30 minute burn will reduce your defense points by 100.  When your defense drops to 0, your base will be removed from the map and when you log in next will be placed at a random point on the map.
  • For example, if an enemy attacks you 30 times, your base will burn for 15 hours and will drop your defense points by 3000 over that period.
  • With this information you can calculate the number of attacks it will take to remove an inactive base from your lands.  Scout the base to find the remaining defense points.  Divide that value by 100 to get the number of times you need to hit them.  After they are hit that many times it will take the number of hits/2 hours to get the burn time it will take for them to go away.

To stay up to date with game development changes, follow the Facebook Group:

More to come:
chopper dispatch, medals
1-man chopper attacks
Line app for off-line comm
getting EXP (start with 1 month $25 purchase)
gangsta Zombies
create farms
farming - daily tasks